• All honorary life and paid up members of the LRKC are listed on the Membership List. If your name is not listed and you have paid membership for this year, please contact and send proof of payment to Thania Rowan (
  • If your details are incorrect, please send your correct details by completing and forwarding the latest version of the LRKC Membership Application/ Renewal Form
  • If you want your details to be removed from this website, please advise immediately.
  • Please note that the offer (made in 2010 / 2011) of free membership to individuals buying puppies from LRKC members is no longer valid. Breeders are of course welcome to offer membership to their puppy buyers, but then those breeders should carry the cost for the membership applications. A reduced fee can be negotiated with the LRKC Management Committee based on the number of new membership applications paid for by the breeder.


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